The Best Lightroom Presets in 2019 That You Will Ever Need

Lightroom App on the iPad Pro

At Lumosmax we make premium Lightroom presets to help you become a better photographer. Lightroom has been around for a very long time but today it has been increasingly popular especially with the capability to sync presets from Desktop to your smartphone.

Make your life more photogenic :

Here’s our premium collection. They are just breath-taking! You can find them everywhere on Instagram. Be sure to tag us if you are using one of our presets.

Golden Hour Presets

These presets were developed to recreate and refine stunning photos shot during the Golden Hour. As a result, it does give you that familiar golden and contrasty look, hence they are very popular among wedding photographers. It is also perfect for your vacation photos, those selfies on Instagram or anything that requires modern and sophisticated look.

Cotton Candy Presets

Inspired by Brandon Woelfel, these presets are perfect for Night Portrait Photography. It gives you that very nice crushed blacks and blues. As a result, it blends well together with the colour that reflects from the night skies or the street lights. You can download it for free, or buy the full package that comes with Overlays as well as DNG format for Mobile.

Light and Airy Presets Pack

Here is our highly adaptable presets pack tailored for wedding photography. How good is it? Well, it has been used by wedding studios everywhere. As you may have seen from many wedding photos; you should aim for that bright, soft and dreamy look. This is the secret sauce. You would be surprise on how many Instagram users are using these presets since they look good anywhere and apparently not just for weddings.

Old-Fashion, Renewed. Kodak Presets.

What makes Kodak great? Well, the look and feel of the photographs that you used to take with your analog cameras can’t be replicated using our new Digital Cameras that are available today, or can they? That’s what our analog presets is all about, recreating what’s old into what’s new. 

Powerful Portrait Presets

Portrait Heinrich is our premium Lightroom presets for Portrait Photography. It is all about the face. These presets are all about bringing the best characteristics of the individual through the advance adjustments techniques available in Lightroom. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, some portrait requires vignetting to further isolate the model from the background in close-up photos. There are 7 different set of adjustments. In addition to that, you also get adjustment brushes to further tweak your portraitures.

No Color. Pure Black, Pure White.

Our Noir et Blanc preset comes with the perfect adjustments and the right balance of the purest black and the purest white. In order to get the perfect Black and White photo; it is highly recommended that you set your camera to shoot RAW. Why? Because you will get higher dynamic range which is perfect to further adjust and make the most out of this preset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I install these presets?

Our preset comes with LRPRESETS and XMP formats and they are both very easy to install. Learn more about installing presets.

Do these presets work on Mobile?

Any preset that you download from anywhere on the internet works on mobile as long as you have the Desktop version of Lightroom CC. For more information about mobile compatibility please read this page.

Can I sync my Lightroom presets to my phone without purchasing Lightroom CC?

Technically yes. Adobe gives 7-day trial for you to try out their desktop version of Lightroom CC. Simply import Lumosmax presets into ‘Lightroom CC for desktop’ and they will automatically get imported into your phone app.

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