Sync Desktop Lightroom Presets to Mobile

Lumosmax presets working on mobile

Foldable phones, convertibles devices and smoking fast iPads. It is difficult to ignore that mobile devices are getting more powerful than ever. Perhaps it is also the time to bring the most powerful photo editing software along with Lumosmax presets we know and love into the mobile world.

How do you sync desktop Lightroom presets to mobile? It is easy!

This tutorial is for Lightroom CC, not to be mistaken with Lightroom Classic CC. For the latter, see step 2.

Step 1 – Import Presets to Lightroom CC (Desktop)

Importing our presets to Lightroom CC is easy. Click File > Import Profiles and Presets.

Importing presets to lightroom cc for desktop

Step 2 – Selecting the Presets

Select all the preset folders you have downloaded from our website.

Lumosmax presets folder

Optionally, if you have presets you have already installed in Lightroom Classic for Desktop; they should show up on your Lightroom CC. If they aren’t there, you will have to manually add them. Browse the presets location on Lightroom Classic. Below are the exact default location :

macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Windows C:\Users\(Replace with Your Username)\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

Step 3 – Launch your Lightroom CC on Mobile

Your presets should now appear on your phone app. It should take some time for them to show up depending on your network connectivity.

Take RAW Photos on your phone

Depending on your device, you can immediately capture RAW photos right on your phone. Simply take a photo on your phone using the Lightroom CC app.

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