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Understanding the Golden Hour Photography

Photograph Country Biker taken during the Golden Hour over the hills

If you are passionate about landscape, cityscape or even outdoor portrait photography, the golden hour is one of the quintessential terms that you have to learn. The Golden hour is perfect for photographers who depend highly on natural lighting condition. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to carry around LED lights and those heavy battery packs […]

The Art of Being Inconspicuous

The term of shooting photographs in an “Inconspicuous” way has becoming pretty popular over the last couple of months. Inconspicuous is a fancy word but with a huge positive results when applied in photography. What Does ‘Inconspicous’ Mean? Inconspicuous in photography refers to the art of taking photos without attracting attention. It is a great […]

Speeding Things Up With Adobe Lightroom Presets

Lightroom has become one of the main solutions for any photographer. Its workflow is intuitive, and follows the exact same logic as any RAW developing software. The way Lightroom has been built seems to be pretty similar to how things were made in the Darkroom, without the odors from the chemicals and other nostalgic goodies […]