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The Best Lightroom Presets in 2020 That You Will Ever Need

We make premium Lightroom presets to help you edit spectacular photos. Browse through the collection and do watch the videos, they are awesome! Jump to Quick Overview, learn how to install these presets on your phone, or read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Everyone has a commitment. You are paying for Netflix, Disney+ and your monthly data plan. Do you really need another subscription just to download Lightroom presets?

With Lumosmax Elements, for $99.99 you can get unlimited downloads. It is a lifetime membership for premium Lightroom presets as well as future products. From time to time we update our Lightroom presets. Check out the change-log to see what’s new. Pay once, download forever.

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Quick Overview

Lumosmax Presets collection enables you to create stunning photos for professional work and play. We have some of the most popular presets used on Instagram by Lightroom editors. Be sure to tag us if you are using one of our presets.

Golden Hour Presets

Using this pack, you can re-create stunning photos as if they were shot during the Golden Hour. As a result, it does give you that familiar golden and contrasty look, hence they are very popular among wedding photographers as well. It is also perfect for your vacation photos, those selfies on Instagram or anything that requires modern and sophisticated look.

Light and Airy Presets Pack

Here is our highly adaptable presets tailored for wedding photography. How good is it? Well, it has been used by wedding studios all over the world! The secret sauce to wedding photos is by making them ‘Bright & Airy’. Don’t be fooled by the naming scheme, this pack has also been used by many Instagram users out there for Travel Photography purposes.

Cotton Candy Presets (Cyberpunk)

Inspired by Brandon Woelfel, these presets are perfect for Night Portrait Photography. It gives you that very nice crushed blacks and blues. As a result, it blends well together with the colour that reflects from the night skies or the street lights. You can download it for free, or buy the full package that comes with Overlays as well as DNG format for Mobile.

Old-Fashion, Renewed. Kodak Presets.

What makes Kodak great? Well, the look and feel of the photographs that you used to take with your analog cameras can’t be replicated using our new Digital Cameras that are available today, or can they? That’s what our analog presets is all about, recreating what’s old into what’s new. 

Powerful Portrait Presets

Portrait Heinrich is our premium Lightroom presets for Portrait Photography. Using advanced adjustments methods available in Lightroom, these presets are capable to bring out facial features front and center. For example, some portrait requires vignetting to further isolate the model from the background in close-up photos; there is a preset for that. There are 7 different set of adjustments, so if you love portraits, do check it out!

No Color. Pure Black, Pure White.

Our Noir et Blanc preset comes with the perfect adjustments and the right balance of the purest black and the purest white. As always you should shoot RAW to get the highest dynamic range. In other words, you will be able to take the most out of your black and white photography by using these presets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I install these presets?

Our packs come with XMP format and some packs include the older LRPRESETS format. They are both very easy to install. Learn more about installing presets.

Do these presets work on Mobile (Phones / Tablets)?

Yes. You can sync XMP presets from Lightroom CC Desktop to Lightroom Mobile. Another option is to use DNG presets. For more information about installing presets on mobile please read this page.

Can I sync my Lightroom presets to my phone without purchasing Lightroom CC?

Technically yes. Adobe gives 7-day trial for you to try out their desktop version of Lightroom CC. Simply import Lumosmax presets into the desktop app and they will automatically get imported into your phone app.

What’s so special about Lumosmax Presets compare to other presets that I can get from other stores?

One word, “signature”. The essence of colors that you can find from our presets is incomparable. We have the best artists to perfect our presets. We do update them from time to time so that you can be sure to get the most using the latest version of Lightroom.

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