Lightroom Presets and LUTs

At Lumosmax, we make Lightroom Presets, Color LUTS and Creative Elements for you to create spectacular photos and videos. Lift off your creative efforts and take them into an entirely new level.

Three Simple Steps to the Perfect Lightroom Presets

1. Apply a Preset

Import our presets and apply them to your photos in Adobe Lightroom. It is as easy as one click.

2. Adjust Exposure

Not every photo has the same exposure setting. So, adjust your exposure until it feels ‘just right’.

3. Adjust White Balance

You can fine tune the results by adjusting the white balance. Then, manually adjust the temperature slider.

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How to Install Lightroom Presets
There are multiple file types for Lightroom Presets. They come in XMP, LRTEMPLATES, or DNG format for mobile. Learn how to install them.
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Lumosmax presets working on mobile
How to Sync Presets to Lightroom Mobile
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Lumosmax Presets Changelog
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Lightroom Presets Pack by Lumosmax
The Best Lightroom Presets in 2020 for Every Genre
Our collection of Lightroom presets for every photo editor. There's the right one for everyone.
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A wedding photographer taking a photo of a bride
The Secret of Light and Airy Photography
Is there a way to cut the stress of post editing process? Yes there is. Get your photos right in-camera and do everything correctly on location.
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Final Result with Clouds Removed
Make Photos Look like Film Using Lightroom
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DUMBO - Manhattan Bridge
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Color Grading Process
Color Correction vs Color Grading (They are Different)
The term ‘color correction’ and ‘color grading’ are often referred to the same thing. However, in the industry, they are actually two different processes. Filmmakers take different role from the…
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Minolta Vintage Film Camera
7 Reasons to Embrace Film Photography
Looking back, we come to realise all the reasons to embrace film photography John Mak I know many of you are happy with your digital cameras, but is there any…
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Lightroom Presets and LUTs