• Medium Shot of a Wedding Couple on a sea coast

    Exclusive Wedding Presets Inspired by Luxurious Look

    At Lumosmax, we have developed two packs of Lightroom presets for wedding photography. The first is our Light and Airy collection and the second is our highly cherished Golden Hour pack. You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather. That is a common case with wedding photography. As a result, more …

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  • Show Partially Compatible Develop Presets

    Partially Compatible Presets in Lightroom (What Does it Mean?)

    Starting with version 8.1 (released in December 2018), there is a new feature that highlights Partially Compatible Presets by greying them out. Adobe continues to show their commitment towards their photo editing software that we all know and love. The latest Lightroom update packs some great new features. We highly recommend all of our readers …

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  • Lumosmax presets working on mobile

    Sync Desktop Lightroom Presets to Mobile

    Foldable phones, convertibles devices and smoking fast iPads. It is difficult to ignore that mobile devices are getting more powerful than ever. Perhaps it is also the time to bring the most powerful photo editing software along with Lumosmax presets we know and love into the mobile world. How do you sync desktop Lightroom presets …

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  • User editing photo using an authoring software

    Photoshop vs Lightroom (Yes, They are Different)

    What is the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom? This is the question that has been asked a lot by our photography community particularly because users want to know ‘which one they should get‘. Hence, Photoshop vs Lightroom has been a very familiar topic in forums and photography blogs. They are both photo editing software but …

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  • User typing on keyboard, close up shot

    Lightroom CC Keyboard Shortcuts that are actually useful

    If you don’t know the shortcut for Copy and Paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V), then you do not know computers well enough. Computer Shortcuts make you a better user, hence, a better professional. Learning keyboard shortcut(s) in Lightroom CC will give you a strong edge on using the photo editing software. You will be able to …

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  • Photograph Country Biker taken during the Golden Hour over the hills

    Understanding the Golden Hour Photography

    If you are passionate about landscape, cityscape or even outdoor portrait photography, the golden hour is one of the quintessential terms that you have to learn. The Golden hour is perfect for photographers who depend highly on natural lighting condition. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to carry around LED lights and those heavy battery packs …

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  • Lumosmax Brand

    New Acquisition : We’ve got a new name!

    Fellow Photographers, Thank you for your continuous support for our products and services. After more than 2 years of Mindtrick, we would like to inform a major upgrade to our identity. We are very excited to announce our acquisition of the domain name lumosmax.com. We are changing the brand name which means the usage of …

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  • Night Portrait Photography using LED Light Strips

    How to take photos like Brandon Woelfel

    Brandon Woelfel uses Bokeh, Light Flares, Sparks and practical effects to create beautiful night portrait photos. Learn about his method.

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  • A wedding photographer taking a photo of a bride

    How to take Light and Airy photos without post-editing?

    Is there a way to cut the stress of post editing process? Yes there is. Get your photos right in-camera and do everything correctly on location.

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  • 17 Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram

    Here are 17 photographers we believe you should follow on Instagram. Each with their own unique photography style that can inspire you.

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  • Bridesmaids looking at a smartphone

    Nine Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram in 2019

    Here are the nine wedding photographers we think you should follow on Instagram.

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  • How to take Better Portraits

    Learn how to compose better photos when it comes to Portrait Photography.

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