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Inspirational stories and studies to assist your muse in taking more breath-taking photos.

Make Photos Look like Film Using Lightroom

Final Result with Clouds Removed

Today we are going to learn about how to turn photos into looking like Film using Adobe Lightroom. (Yes, as in the old fashion film cameras). In this tutorial we will be using Lightroom for mobile. You can achieve the same thing using the Desktop’s version. Let’s get started! We will be using one of […]

7 Reasons to Embrace Film Photography

Minolta Vintage Film Camera

Looking back, we come to realise all the reasons to embrace film photography John Mak I know many of you are happy with your digital cameras, but is there any reason at all to embrace film photography? Back in the days I owned a few film cameras but not the full manual ones with interchangeable […]

Alternatives to Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Vintage camera with a dollar bill sticking out

Hiring a professional wedding photographer for your big day can be very expensive, and respectfully so. First of all, let’s learn to understand why wedding photography costs a lot of money. Why are Wedding Photography so Expensive? Professional Cameras are not cheap It may look like an easy job to make so much money in […]

Barcelona Trip 2017

Barcelona is the cultural hub, the city of the legendary Gaudi, the capital city of Catalonia, a heaven to culinary, surrounded by the best beaches in Europe and undisputedly the home to the greatest football club in the world FC Barcelona.¬†#TotsUnitsFemForca¬†uniting the players and the supporters over the years; this year I’m lucky enough to […]