At Lumosmax; for every project that we do; we love the idea of getting inspired by the places we go. I bring my Moleskine notebook along with my Macbook Pro everywhere I travel, and there are quite a ton of ideas that have inspired me from this recent trip.

Every now and then, we draft ideas accordingly and to make things simple, we name a major version of our app or website officially from the place that we visited. This year is no exception. I’m very glad to announce the latest and greatest version of Lumosmax, and it is called Karlovy Vary!

Before we get to more details about the version release, let’s have a good look at Karlovy Vary. It is a beautiful place also known as Carlsbad; a spa town situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. It’s such a small town; but we have decided to name our latest release Karlovy Vary specifically because of one thing: The Hot Spring. In a sentence; We are inspired by the stream, the natural force of the hot spring and to us it represents the formality of success. Lumosmax is a startup company and Karlovy Vary is a beautiful example of how we feel about going further. Going with the natural source of the flow. In another words; we just got to believe in ourselves in order to go further. Sounds overdramatic? Yup.

I love the architecture¬†that have made Czech Republic what it is today, they are simply breathtaking. The small town of Karlovy Vary is defined by the seamless mountains that strategically covers the small town, I love the view, the natural beauty of it is just indescribable. I didn’t get the chance to go hiking since I’ve only stayed for 2 days and kind of lazy too. We spent the rest of the holiday to Prague, another city just as lovely.

Here are some of the best photos taken during the trip:


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