Ize Seminyak Infinity Pool

First of all, let’s take a couple of seconds to appreciate the beautiful photo I’ve taken during my Bali trip. The photo has got to be at least Top 20 of the best photo I’ve ever taken in my entire career as an amateur photographer. You don’t have to share this post but please tell Apple Inc. to use the photo for the Shot with iPhone 7 ad campaign; it’d be nice to receive some royalty payments.

Ize Seminyak Infinity Pool

Holidays are always fun, and this month is no exception. It’s been couple of years since I last visited Bali and I have to say how impressed I was with the changes. The airport was god knows how many times bigger, and there’s a lot of tourists it almost seems like you took the wrong flight to some European country.

We went to Ize Hotel in Seminyak, the city near to the heart of Bali; Kuta. Some may say Nusa Dua is the heart of Bali; depending on your purpose of visit. Seminyak is definitely a very nice destination for backpackers who are looking for some fun but for a family vacation you’d better off to Nusa Dua or Ubud. We’ve got some extra money, we went with the Deluxe pool room, you have this pool exclusively for the Deluxe room and it’s really beautiful. For the entire trip we swam there once for 15 minutes. If you are a pool lover it’s probably for you.

I didn’t get to go to Jimbaran during this trip but there’s this nice seafood restaurant right on the beach which is very beautiful if you go there during the sunset; but you could also enjoy sunset at the famous Kuta Beach. I’m not a fan of it, I think Kuta Beach is crowded 99% of the time; if you are more of a person who’d like to enjoy experiencing things privately don’t waste time at the Kuta Beach. Obviously this trip was more of enjoying some relaxing time at Bali; we didn’t visit many places but we have some awesome shots as always.

Here are some of the best photos taken during the trip :


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