Lumosmax Plus

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$89.99 (valid for one year)

(10 customer reviews)

Unlimited Downloads. Get access to all of Lumosmax Photography Presets, Profiles, LUTs, Overlays. Download it all current and future products for one year. (Not a typical subscription. No auto-renewal.)


With Lumosmax Membership you get to download all of our presets.

Here are all the presets that are currently available as part of Lumosmax Plus :


  • Light and Airy
  • Lighter than Air
  • Analog Ragnarok
  • Golden Hour
  • Portrait Heinrich
  • Brandon Bokeh
  • Noir et Blanc
  • Pop

10 reviews for Lumosmax Plus

  1. David

    I have always been skeptical about presets and buying them from others … but these are incredibly professional and I feel obligated to recommend them. I don’t do much of buying, but I will buy Lumosmax Elements again and again!!

  2. Loveth

    I just love what these amazing presets do to my photos. Very powerful one-click results saves me sooo much time!!! Thank you LumosMax.

  3. Afred

    Thank you for this. I have been looking everywhere for something to enhance my photos in low light and removing shadows on faces in Lightroom. This proved to be very effective for all my desires and also high quality. I warmly recommend!

  4. Precious

    Perfect for every situation and light conditions. The presets in here are worth much more than i have just gotten them all in one pack. I’m grateful for the LumosMax Elements. ALWAYS!

  5. Michael

    My favorite preset among them all is the Brandon Bokeh preset. The preset has done wonders for my photography. Very easy to use and perfect for my nature pictures. Without much editing, I can produce a really stunning photo. This has also increased my efficiency and makes me always on top of every stringed delivery. I love it.

  6. Pearl Hunter

    I used the light and airy preset for my friend’s wedding and trust me, the photos are amazing! The presets came really handy and are very easy to use. with little editing, I can get the job done. Even the photos I took in low light looked bright and beautiful. Highly recommended!

  7. Camilla Roy

    I had some pictures I took on a day with bad weather but someone recommended this and showed me how to work with the exposure settings and honestly, I really love the photos when I was done working on it. You’ll hardly know it was taken under poor lighting. I’m super grateful to the Lumosmax presets.

  8. Sarah Scott

    Lumosmax Elements does not only have the name but also the delivery. I can’t believe I could get these amazing presets in a pack with such a promising package. I love it and warmly recommend!

  9. Peace

    These are all great presets any photographer could wish for. They work seamlessly with my style and not difficult to apply. I have enjoyed great results from a couple of them and have already recommended to my friends too.

  10. Doleepy

    Even if it’s only the Golden Hour and Brandon Bokeh presets that are offered in this package, I will be grateful I got it. These two presets have been a game-changer in my projects. They have added so much color and glamor to my work that my photos have earned an extra layer of quality. I haven’t tested the other presets but I’m sure they are also going to be great!

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