Portrait Lightroom Presets Pack

Collection of 80 Lightroom Presets for Portraits and Adjustment Brushes. Choose from Basic, Colour, Black & White, Portrait Lighting, Heinrich Looks and Skin Enhancement presets. Adjustment Brushes include Skin Smoothing, Highlights, Contour, Blusher, Make-up, Hair Highlights, and Iris Enhancements.

Portrait Lightroom Presets by Lumosmax


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Immersive Lightroom Presets for Portrait Photography

What’s the most effective way to create the most spectacular portrait photos? One is great lenses like “85mm F1.4”! Two, a model that can either be your girlfriend or some stranger on the street. Finally, three, the best portrait Lightroom presets that will change your portrait photography game.

Table of Contents

  1. What’s in the Pack?
  2. Sample Photos
  3. Lightroom Brushes for Portraits
  4. Portrait Studio Photography

70 Portrait Lightroom Presets. 7 Sophisticated Concepts.

Our Portrait presets are infinitely adaptable. These presets are developed to pull out those missing details ignored by your lenses. Our collection comes with 7 categories including Portrait Quick, Colour Vibrancy, Black and White (recommended for Black Backdrop Photography), Special Effects for Studio Lighting, Looks, and Skin Enhancements.

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Sample Photos (Before and After)

What can you do with our presets? Edit headshot photos, outdoor portrait, family portrait, studio photography, you name it. Let’s take a look at some of the sample photos edited using our presets. Some of them with minimal tweaks, but they are all edited in less than 30 seconds.


Portrait Color (Matte)

Notice how the preset managed to somehow color correct the poor lighting from the original photo? By increasing the contrast, highlights and shadows, this results a more natural look and feel.  On top of that, the subtle clarity gives more details from the facial parts to the skin tones, even though this was a full body portrait.

Portrait of a traveler before editPortrait of a traveler edited using Lightroom preset for portrait


Total Charm (from Portrait Effects)

This beautiful portrait was edited by bringing down the highlights, whites and blacks. Next, we slightly increase the shadow details and vibrancy. Finally, everything was balanced out by decreasing the saturation. To put the icing on the cake, vignetting was done to create more depth.

Japanese woman portrait before editJapanese woman portrait after applying portrait Lightroom presets


Portrait Lighting (White Lights)

We subtly bump the contrast, shadows, whites and blacks. Then, we decrease the saturation to refine the overall look of the effect. This portrait preset harmoniously syncs with the environment. In other words, you may notice how the lighting in this photo seamlessly making the skin look smoother.

Portrait of an American worker before editPortrait of an American worker edited using a preset


Portrait Skin (Softer Skin +)

Guess what? This photo was not edited using any Lightroom brushes at all. It took just one click and slight increase of the exposure. Notice how it refines the skin without overdoing it. It’s very neat! Easily one of our favorite presets.

Portrait of a woman in a Japanese town before editPortrait of a woman in Japanese town after editing using Lightroom portrait preset


Black and White Portrait Lightroom Presets

We have 13 settings of Black and White portrait photography presets. These are perfect for corporate headshots. For instance, they are perfect for taking portraits of team members of an interior design group or architecture projects.

Dark Portrait Photography Before PresetWoman in Dark Portrait Photography after preset applied


Using Lightroom Classic? Try Lightroom Brushes.

Note: Custom brushes only work on Lightroom Classic. Not Compatible with new Lightroom apps.

Presets are great but that is not all. In addition, our pack comes with Lightroom Brushes included at no extra cost. Hence, you are so much more capable. Make the skin softer, teeth whiter, color the lips and create the most spectacular portraits. We have included Digital Blusher, Skin Smoothing, Highlights, Contour, Hair Brush, Iris Sharpener, Make-up, and Skin Lightening.

Watch the tutorial below by Cole’s Classroom to learn more about Adjustment Brushes in Lightroom Classic.

Each Preset was made to give unparalleled results ideal for your portrait photos. We know that our customers range from hobbyists to professionals. The combination of fast workflow; the easy to use one-click presets and brushes are perfect for everyone.

Take Studio Portraits to the next level.

Many photography studios in Orlando, New York, Singapore and Australia are using our Portrait Lightroom presets. In fact, we have worked with some of them to produce their own custom presets. Work flawlessly with photos taken using professional lighting setups. We understand the requirements to edit the perfect corporate headshot or family portraits that may require extra details. Hence, we have made a perfect pack to tackle those demand.

Try some of our Portrait Lightroom Presets for Free. Learn more about our collection.

If you are not ready to buy, try some of our other presets available on Adobe Exchange. This is our humble dedication towards portraitures. We are excited to see your portraits, be sure to tag us on social media.

9 reviews for Portrait Lightroom Presets Pack

  1. Joshua

    The best Portrait Presets pack that I’ve used. Highly recommended!

  2. Jason Max

    I’m not a pro photographer; but I love this product. Simple and easy to use presets.

  3. Ozy Dozzy (verified owner)

    really excited with my purchase, love the potrait lighting presets, they are really good! highly recommended!

  4. Jason Rudy

    Hands down the best Lightroom presets for portrait photography.

  5. Jamie

    Get this if you want to save time and I mean huge loads of time! Sure for more ground-breaking editing, you can use Photoshop (it isn’t the easiest software to deal with). But hey when you are running a photo-booth business having to edit hundreds of photos a day; Photoshop isn’t a very clever option. All I need is Lightroom + these presets, I would say 2 minutes of editing can give you crazy good results and very close to what I would usually get if I were to spend half an hour on PS.

  6. Anna Quinn

    Love the brushes. Very powerful, simple and easy to use! You don’t have to be a studio photography as these presets work flawlessly with any type of portrait even outdoors.

  7. Jonathan Lee

    Here’s an honest review after one month using Portrait Heinrich. I’m a studio owner in Singapore and we are handling a ton of portrait photography projects mainly for our clients who need their photos taken for company profiles. Previously we use the combination of Photoshop for heavy editing if needed + tweaks in Lightroom. Today we are only using Photoshop just to make it easy for us to resize images. Everything else 99% of the work are done through Lightroom with Portrait Heinrich installed. Seriously, with just one click it is capable to do so much. It is very efficient and the brushes really help for photos that need more work like enhancing the eyes for example. What I’d love to see is perhaps more brushes and maybe the ability to change colour of the hair or something we can experiment with.

  8. Jason Derulo

    Edited tons of photos with this already. It’s easy, straightforward. The brushes work very well, some of them have two versions you could use light or heavy brush for desired effect. I’ve never bought any lightroom presets before, can’t really make any comparison with others, but I think Portrait Heinrich is just perfect for me.

  9. Cory

    Love the fact that this comes with the brushes!

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