Premium Lightroom Presets and LUTs

We make the best Lightroom presets for everyone. It is nothing like you have ever seen before because each and every pack has a purpose. We don’t make hundreds of presets but we only sell the essential ones that really matters. Perfect for both personal and professional photography projects.

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  • Lighter Than Air Lightroom Presets


    Lighter than Air is an alternate revision pack of our popular Light and Airy Presets. This pack brings some subtle changes to the color tones and highlights.

  • Bright, Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

    Light and Airy Lightroom Presets


    Modern, light and airy Lightroom presets that are perfected for wedding photography. Perfected by some of the top wedding photographers in Arizona and New York City.

  • Lightroom Presets for Golden Hour Photography

    Golden Hour Lightroom Presets


    Pack of 15 presets and profiles that emulate the Golden Hour effect. Create magnificent golden-tone photos as if they were shot during the sunrise or sunset. Use the presets for quick editing or use the Lightroom Profiles for more advanced control.

  • Film Lightroom Presets Pack

    Analog Film Lightroom Presets


    Includes over 100 VSCO Inspired Analog Film Lightroom Presets developed to reproduce the aesthetics of vintage cameras. Remember the good ol’ days? Kodak film, Agfa Vista, Portra film, Fujifilm; choose your favourite and start creating photos as if they were shot during those times.

  • Portrait Lightroom Presets by Lumosmax

    Portrait Lightroom Presets Pack


    Collection of 80 Lightroom Presets for Portraits and Adjustment Brushes. Choose from Basic, Colour, Black & White, Portrait Lighting, Heinrich Looks and Skin Enhancement presets. Adjustment Brushes include Skin Smoothing, Highlights, Contour, Blusher, Make-up, Hair Highlights, and Iris Enhancements.

  • Lightroom Presets pack inspired by Brandon Woelfel

    Brandon Bokeh Lightroom Presets


    Create bewitching photos with the inspiring cotton candy colors; crushed blacks, blues, and pinks elevated with iconic bokeh. Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Presets are great for Night photography. This pack includes two adjustable presets (Basic and Cotton Candy City), High resolution bokeh, sparks and smoke overlays.

  • DNG Presets for Mobile

    DNG Mobile Presets


    Collection of Lumosmax presets optimised for mobile. With the DNG format, you can simply install our presets right on your mobile Lightroom app without having the need to sync over from the desktop.

  • Black and White Lightroom Presets

    Noir et Blanc (Black and White) Lightroom Presets


    Noir et Blanc is a collection of robust Black and White Lightroom presets developed with the purpose of reincarnating the essence of dramatic attitude and suspense of Noir filmography that we all love. Note that this preset only works with the latest version of Lightroom CC using XMP at this time.

  • Pop Presets Pack Cover

    Pop Lightroom Presets


    Pop Lightroom Presets pack will give you maximum ‘colour pop’. Suitable for photography genres that require maximum colour contrast such as food photography. There are three presets, ‘Pop’, ‘Pop a bit more’ and ‘Pop with Vignette’. Available in XMP format.

If you think your photos are amazing, imagine them with Lumosmax Presets. Breath-taking, stunning, exclusive look and feel. These are some of the best hand-crafted presets developed by amazing photographers all over the planet!