Noir et Blanc (Black and White) Lightroom Presets

Noir et Blanc is a collection of robust Black and White Lightroom presets developed with the purpose of reincarnating the essence of dramatic attitude and suspense of Noir filmography that we all love. Note that this preset only works with the latest version of Lightroom CC using XMP at this time.

Black and White Lightroom Presets


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The Richness of Black and White

Noir et Blanc have been carefully crafted to adapt the look and feel of noir film. The dark tone unapologetically hinting beautiful grain gives an immense attitude of the ever so popular photography style.

Womain at the Gold Field before presetWomain at the golf field after preset

Ebony and Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony

There are two presets called Blanc Native, which was perfectly tailored to bring that richness of Black and White photography; the other preset is Blanc with Grain; as you may have guessed; it contains grain using Lightroom. For Photoshop users you can take the advantage of an overlay which is included. Why overlay? It brings that realness detail of what we call the ‘true grain’. How true? To begin with it is 6000 pixels wide. See the example below with Blanc Native + True Grain applied.


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