Frequently Asked Questions

Lumosmax FAQs

We do not have a free registration. An account can only be registered upon purchasing an item during checkout.

Contact Us and we'll sort it out straightaway. Usually it is because your download link has expired.

Once you have purchased our preset you'll still be able to download it again within one year. So Keep them Safe. Only Lumosmax membership users are allowed to download presets and get updates for a lifetime.

Lightroom presets are protected copyright and other intellectual property laws. Our products are not allowed to be shared, duplicated, copied or redistributed in any way. To learn more please visit this page.

Lightroom FAQs

Depending on the version of Lightroom app that you are using, the installation process may be different. Please visit this page to learn more.

Yes. XMP files are compatible for both Mac and PC. They are also able to be sync together with your mobile devices provided that you are using the latest Lightroom App for desktop.

As of 2020 there are two version of the most popular photography software; Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. They are available on Adobe Creative Cloud for both Mac and PC.

Mobile Lightroom app is  available on iOS App Store and the PlayStore for Android.

Mobile Lightroom does not allow you to install XMP directly through the app. You will have to get the desktop version of Lightroom first and have our presets sync from Desktop to your mobile devices. The second option is to use DNG presets. Some of our presets pack include DNG presets.