Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

Light and Airy presets pack. Perfect for editing vacation and pre-wedding pictures. Comes in XMP format for both Profiles and Presets.

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Light and Airy Lightroom Presets. The Perfect Mood to tell your Story.

Light and Airy Lightroom Presets look has been used throughout the modernisation of Wedding photography. It is one of the most popular look that defines luxury. This pack is part of our wedding presets bundle.

Even in the worst lighting conditions, applying these presets with minor tweaks through the exposure settings are enough to create breath-taking photos. The favorable mood for wedding photos are often soft, light, dreamy or airy.


What’s in the Pack?

Presets (XMP, LRPRESETS), Profiles, and Overlays.

XMP for Lightroom CC Classic and Lightroom CC.
LRPRESETS for Older version(s).

Amelia and Ken, Ben and Rey, Bill and Melinda, Bruce and Selena, Clark and Lois, David and Julia, Han and Leia, John and Yoko, Peter and Stacy, Steve and Laurene.

Popular on Instagram

Due to the clean and modern look, Light and Airy look is the most suitable style for any type of Instagram feed. If you take a look at some of of sample photos you will find it very familiar.

Altogether, the Light and Airy Presets pack offers 30 settings with (cold, warm, flat) options for you to choose from. Discover a truly unique feel for every photo. Each of the preset provides the ability to adapt to your photography style while staying authentic to your creativity.

9 reviews for Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

  1. Daniel

    This is a big help for me in some of my most tricky lighting situations and I really appreciate that they are not overdone like so many presets today. This is worth recommending to people. Good job here!

  2. Monroe

    IN LOVE with these presets! This preset pack is the best I’ve purchased because they are subtle enough that a lot work for one photo, giving many different options. They are also a real time saver! Thank you!

  3. Jennifer

    This is the best preset I’ve ever purchased. It’s so beautiful. Makes my pictures look very smooth and lit up. I love it for photos with people. I’ve tried for product pictures but it doesn’t look so great as for outdoor photos. I wish you would make a preset like this one for product photography too; with the same warm/bright settings. I’d be all over it!!!!

  4. Charlie Leo

    No doubt, this is all a wedding photographer needs to turn his work professional. The presets cut across different moods i need for perfect pre-wedding shoots. whenever my photos come out brilliant and bright, my customers are always amazed. this is my secret, and I’m glad I found it.

  5. Berger Thompson

    I got a copy of this to review and the result amazed me. I will recommend every photographer get this. It will allow you spend less time with post-processing while delivering the best wedding photos you can ever think of. I think they will also work great for newborn shots too.

  6. Julliet

    I don’t only deliver quality photos now, but I also deliver on time – thanks to the presets in this package. I now produce the quality of photos I have always dreamed of. Becoming a professional photographer with the salt is now becoming much easier ….

  7. Barrck Saw

    These presets have saved me a whole lot of post-processing time. I don’t have to do much tweaking before my pictures come out good. I couldn’t believe I could get this type of handy tool for so little. You have just made my week with this!

  8. Deeh Genesis

    Very easy to use and does really amazing job. The pack combines almost every mood you can think of in wedding photography. That makes me love it so much. With little or no editing, I always get fantastic photos back to back!

  9. Racheal

    These presets have not only added a great glamor to my works but have also helped me in terms of delivering works faster. The presets are amazing and work well with my style, especially the Bruce and Selena preset. Even in photos taken in low light atmosphere, they still come out great after applying the presets. I will recommend for all photographers.

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