Nine Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram in 2019

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Here are the nine wedding photographers we think you should follow on Instagram.

Wedding photography is hot everywhere. It is one of the highest paying freelancing opportunities in the world. If you are starting out as a photographer or looking for wedding ideas; you should start by getting some inspiration from the best photographers in the industry.

We have compiled the list of the best wedding photographers to follow on Instagram based on their quality of work, dedication, popularity and most importantly their contribution in the industry. We recommend to follow all of them and do bookmark this post since we will be updating our list from time to time.

KT Merry

KT Merry is a wedding photographer with years of experience in the fashion photography industry. Her work is inspired by nature and destination wedding trends.

Jamie Findlay

Jamie is another wedding photographer inspired by adventurous travel destinations. Her photos are light and airy and you will find her Instagram feed to be quite generous with romantic couples all over the world.

Greg Finck

Greg’s Instagram feed is like a dream come true to many couples. You could figuratively just jump right into it. If you are looking for inspirations for your own wedding, his Instagram could give some good ideas.

Steve Steinhardt

Another destination wedding photographer on our list is Steve Steinhardt. He has over 15 years of experience documenting love stories of couples from all over the globe. You will find many of his work using creative abstract, elements and beautiful candid moments.

Elizabeth Messina

Something different on our list. Elizabeth is a celebrity photographer. You will find many of her wedding photos that are carefully planned with an intense interest towards details through creative composition. They are breath-taking.

Lauren Fair

Her stunning work is present all over her Instagram feed. We love the way she chooses to include nature, materials, abstracts in her feed in addition to stunning wedding photography work. They are truly beautiful.

Tec Petaja

He was named one of the BRIDES Magazine’ top wedding photographer in 2018. Tec’s contribution in the world of wedding photography can be seen through his skills and creative composition. He also runs workshop for those who are interested to make it into the industry. Learn from the best, learn from Tec!

Jordan Voth

Based in Seattle, Jordan is the co-owner of Tides and Pines lifestyle shop. He is the Rangefinder Magazine Rising Star of 2017. His photos are deep, contrasty similar to the mood you would get by taking photos during the Golden Hour.

India Earl

India Earl is a photographer based in Utah. Many of her work are stunning with beautiful striking shadow from mainly natural lighting condition (the sun). Many of her photos are shot during the golden hour. As a result, the contrast are less obstructive.

There are many others that are worthy to make it in the list. We limit to just nine and they are in this list for a reason. We love their work, effort and contribution. That’s what this industry needs to continue moving forward. We wish that these photographers will continue documenting love all over the world and keep us inspired for more.



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