17 Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Here are 17 photographers we believe you should follow on Instagram. Each with their own unique photography style that can inspire you.

As a photographer, it is vital to get some inspiration from others. Not just through ideas but also through the moments where millions of people create and share every single day. Regardless if photography is your hobby or profession, photos on Instagram can get you think, discuss, learn, love and live.

Instagram makes us love what we do more and more. Here are 17 Photographers we feel that you need to follow on Instagram for your next holiday trip together with your favourite fine optics.

Tom Anderson's Instagram

Tom Anderson

Do you still remember your very first friend on Social Media? The guy with the flashlight every time when Myspace was in the maintenance mode. The Myspace’s Tom has been a photographer traveling all over the world. He runs a small lucky draw from time to time. You might land an opportunity to actually travel with him on his next trip!

Brandon Woelfel's Instagram

Brandon Woelfel

The popular Brandon Woelfel who have inspired stunning night photography concepts using beautiful bokeh and light leaks. His unique photo edits with the crushed black; the almost cotton-candy like colours are simply stunning.

Murad Osmann's Instagram

Murad Osmann

You know those photos of a woman, wife, girlfriend leading the way to places? Well, Murad Osmann is the guy who made that concept famous.

Pei Ketron - Incredible Woman, Instagram Mockup

Pei Ketron

Well known for her mobile photography, Pei Ketron is very passionate about the art. She has been traveling the world not just simply taking photos but also connecting with people.

Dylan Furst

Fursty is an outdoor photographer focusing on the magical aesthetics of our nature. You’ll love his photos; simply just by scrolling on his timeline is just breath-taking.

Amir Ridwan - Chequers, Instagram Mockup

Amir Ridwan

Ridwan is the Co-Founder of Twinception Productions. Outside the business of wedding cinematography, he’s a very passionate photographer. He takes photos during his holidays as well as business trips.


Daniel Rueda + Anna Devís

Here is an exceptional collaboration of two wonderful people Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis. They are two photographers based in Spain. Their photos are crafted with imaginative composition that will surely make you go ‘wow’.

David Guttenfelder - Toranomon Station, Instagram Mockup

David Guttenfelder

As a photo journalist, David Guttenfelder is used to expensive lens, all powerful and expensive camera equipments. However, he managed to challenge himself on his Instagram with ‘mobile-only’ photography. Can ‘Talent’ and ‘Hard work’ go over expensive equipments? Check out his Instagram to learn the truth.

Victoria Siemer

If you are looking for something different, unnatural, odd but above all artistic; Victoria from Brooklyn is the Instagrammer you must follow. She goes by the name ‘witchtoria’.

Macenzo - Continuous, Instagram Mockup

Dirk Bakker

Dirk from Amsterdam is the photographer that will make you see architecture differently. If you love buildings and have been wanting to discover venues that will worth your time to get a ticket for your next holiday destination; follow his Instagram.

This is wild Idea Instagram

Theron Humphrey

Life is a journey, and Theron Humprey’s journey is a wonderful one. His Instagram feed is famous for his pooch, Maddie, but that is not the reason he is in this list. The way he composes his photographs; capturing the beautiful moments is just truly inspiring. His photos will make your day better.

Kimiko Nishimoto

This lively, inspiring and yet hilarious photographer, Kimiko Nishimoto went viral in 2017. Her photos are funny, but not without any efforts and dedication. She started photography at the age of 72 and couldn’t stop taking portraits since then. Her work, Asobokane (Let’s Play), was featured during Tokyo’s Epson Exhibition.

Adam Senatori - Art of Chi, Instagram Mockup

Adam Senatori

Adam’s Instagram feed is filled with every traveler’s hopes and dreams. His aerial photos are just unreal. He takes photos to the places he has been to, and being a pilot, that means a lot of places.

Sophlog - Funday Vibes, Instagram Mockup

Sophie Loghman

If you are looking for something that will just make your Instagram news feed pop with bright colors, you have to follow Sophie. She is a self-described ‘professional partygoer’. We are not sure what it is but it sounds like a really wonderful profession.

Helloemilie - Postcard from Namibia, Instagram Mockup

Emilie Ristevski

Here’s another traveler in our list and she goes by the username @helloemilie. We have got plenty of travellers already in the list but Emilie’s work are just stunning and very difficult to be ignored. Her composition and ideas are pure gold.

Takahiro - Fireworks with Lightning strike, Instagram Mockup

Takahiro Bessho

Takahiro captures places in Japan like you have never seen before. He focuses on landscape photography through very carefully crafted composition. His feed will make you want to go to Japan.

Eye of Ty - Monument Valley, Instagram Mockup

Ty Newcomb

Last but not least in our best 17 is Ty Newcomb. He is a photographers based in Boulder, Colorado. He is open for hiring anywhere in the world. His Instagram, @eye.of.ty, is just as stunning as his professional work. His attention to details; the use of lighting in his photographs makes him another worthy candidate to be included on our list.


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