Wedding Lightroom Presets Pack

Bundled Wedding Lightroom Presets. These are the two preset packs most downloaded for the purpose of wedding photography. Click on the product information below to learn more about each individual pack.

Light and Airy Presets

Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

39 customer reviews


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Looking for The Best Wedding Lightroom Presets Pack? Say No More! From Golden Warm Looks to Light and Airy, this is the pack you have been looking for!

This pack comes with our Golden Hour Presets and Light Airy Presets. Truly a dynamic wedding Lightroom presets collection that will allow even the busiest wedding photographers flexibility and efficient workflow. Perfect for creating bright and airy wedding photos that will stand the test of time.

A Bundled Pack for immense versatility.

We have received many requests from our fellow photographers deciding whether to get the Golden Hour or the Light & Airy pack. They are both great for wedding photography which is why we have decided to include them both at a discounted price. Our complimentary gesture for wedding photographers all over the world.

The Golden Hour Presets (Video)

Light and Airy Presets Pack (Video)

We developed our Wedding Lightroom Presets so that you can continue to capture unforgettable moments with ease and peace of mind. An immersive series of adjustments that give your photos a modern and airy look compatible with a wide range of condition and environment.

Inspired by beautiful weddings from all over the world

Our presets were made possible with the collaboration of the best wedding photographers from all over the world – because no matter where you are, capturing the right moment and delivering the story within your photographs is coveted.

Learn about them and get inspired

Wedding Photo edited using Golden Hour Native Preset

Golden Hour Native (included in the pack) refines the shadows subtly and yet effectively by making the photo appear lighter without losing important details.


A picture says a thousand words; a wedding photo worth the universe.

These two preset packs are highly adaptable, allowing you to achieve the perfect harmonious look and feel for your wedding photos. We have developed our Wedding Lightroom presets to match that of the top wedding photographers from across the world.

Produce vivid, memorable photos without the tedious time-consuming guesswork of post production. These edits remain a tried and true classic that will deliver satisfaction time and again.


Edit with your Desktop, iPad, and Mobile.

Using the new Adobe Lightroom and our XMP presets, you have the ability to sync our Wedding Lightroom presets from your desktop to your mobile app. The entire collection of profiles and presets work seamlessly together across platforms. Learn how to Sync.


Create Your Own Unique Styles with Lightroom Profiles

Using the included Lightroom Profiles, you will have more freedom to experiment with your photos. This is because Lightroom Profile does not change any adjustments inside the develop module. You can stack other preset on top of another and create your own unique looks. Learn about Presets vs Profiles.


How to Edit Wedding Photos (Quick Tips)

Here are some editing tips to follow so that you can get the most of your wedding photos. We want you to utilise our presets in the best way possible.


1. Apply the recommended Camera Settings

Take Your Photos in RAW Format

If you haven’t already, set your camera to shoot ‘RAW’. This allows you to capture the highest details from the darkest shadow to the brightest highlights. This term is what we call ‘Dynamic Range’. Learn more about RAW photos

Use Flat Profile

Set your camera to have less contrast from the beginning. (We recommend using -3 from the setting). As a result of using less contrast, you will have improved light and airy effects when applying our presets.

Keep in mind that some cameras offer more customizations compared to others – they are all different.

Watch this video if you are using Canon, or watch this if you are using Sony.


2. Use Lightroom Profile for Advanced Control

In addition to beautiful ready-made presets, we have also included Lightroom Profile(s). Unlike the presets, once applied to your photo, Develop Settings remain unchanged. This allows you to apply even more adjustments than ever before.

3. Expand your creativity with Overlays

Furthermore, The Vows include high-resolution overlays. These overlays makes it possible to create remarkable photos farther than you can imagine.

Simply drag and drop on top of your photo and add magical elements that will transform your final product.

Learn about Overlays.


Smarter Workflow. Better Efficiency. Beautiful Results.

As professional photographers sift through the hundreds and thousands of captured moments of one of the most important days in a couple’s life, the overwhelm of post processing can take over. With such a significant task at hand, it’s not uncommon to feel creative burnout, stress, and pressure to deliver quality results.


Save Your Time.

On average, tweaking one wedding photo without using a preset would take half an hour – at the least. When you consider each individual photo, the time spent on editing increases and takes time away from other important aspects of your job as a photographer.

When you save time during the post-editing process, you are able to allocate more attention and energy towards what is ​actually ​important. Hence, you can focus more on your photography concepts that will develop incredible wedding photos. What you focus on grows and the less time spent focusing on your capturing abilities, that ability begins to decrease overtime.

How much are you willing to invest in yourself and your time? This package is a small investment towards tremendous benefits, including a smarter workflow, better efficiency, taking your time back, while still producing tremendous results!

Learn more wedding photography tips.

“You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.”

As a professional wedding photographer, these words ring true to you. Part of the excitement and experience of capturing the essence of the moment is the unpredictability of every second. With no control over the weather and environment, creating beautiful wedding photos can be challenging. Adjusting to the right tone, mood, and feel is a tedious editing process. With our presets, we take the guesswork out to give you back your most valuable asset – your time.


Download the Free Wedding Lightroom Presets

Our wedding presets pack is a huge leap forward for your projects. With the latest XMP format, you can sync your profiles and presets all across devices. Edit a wedding photo on your laptop and continue editing seamlessly on your mobile devices. The overlays allow you to create some of the most magical photos you can imagine.

Not yet ready to buy? We get it and we are happy to offer you a trial run with our free wedding preset. We have free presets pack exclusively on Adobe Exchange.Check out some of our other presets available for download. Click here to learn more.


Adobe Lightroom

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Operating System

Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows


Fashion Photography, Photojournalism, Wedding Photography

39 reviews for Wedding Lightroom Presets Pack

  1. Newton

    They are absolutely great presets. I now shoot both pre-wedding and wedding photos without any problem of post-processing. The wedding presets have not only made my photos better but has also made my work faster. Thank you for putting these amazings together.

  2. Avery

    As a professional wedding photographer, I have worked with so many presets and tools. So when I used the Airy presets here and some others, I knew this is a gift to anyone that bought it because they are collectively worth more than the price for which it has been offered. It’s a package anyone should not miss. I recommend!

  3. Ethan

    I was also giving a copy of this pack to review. I love it absolutely and I will happy to recommend it.

  4. Noah

    Really lovey and super easy to use. It works well for both beginners and experienced photographers because it doesn’t require much editing after applying them. I work at high light exposure but my friends enjoy shooting at low lights. The presets work great for both situations but I often need to adjust the exposure before applying. Go for it guys, you sure won’t regret it too.

  5. Pamela

    I am a wedding photographer and also take newborn photos. One thing I love so much about these presets is that they work very perfectly with my style – and across a variety of formats including even in prints. I highly recommend these presets. They are GREAT!

  6. Barclay Bob

    Highly recommended!! The presets packed into this package are fantastic! I can’t believe I could get both the Golden Hour and Light & Airy presets in just one pack. If you are a wedding photographer and needs to take your photos to the next level, this is just what you need. But this is a tip for you, ensure you adjust your exposure in lightroom before you apply the presets. You will indeed love the outcome.

  7. Billy (verified owner)

    The updates are really amazing that when I was prompted to leave a feedback on this, I didn’t waste any time. I will also like to appreciate the fact that they allow me to download the newly added presets without having to purchase again. AWESOME!!

  8. Gloria

    These Lightroom presets are great. They have made my works looking much more beautiful than before—even when I take the shots with my phones. I consider myself lucky to have gotten these preset packs.

  9. Johnson

    I am a photographer that is most loved because of my pre-wedding photos – thanks to the lovely landscapes and views around here. These presets have really added an extra layer of glamour to my work, especially the David and Julia preset. The presets are great for my outdoor shootings and match my style well. I give this 5 stars!

  10. Randy Neal

    The Golden Hour presets have been my favorite for years. It makes my works easier and with little editing. However, I have heard so much about Light & Airy too so I was glad to have these two packs in one. My wedding photos have been AMAZING with these presets. I can wish for a better helping hand with my projects.

  11. Sam

    If it’s hot outside it doesn’t really work that well. You’ll have to play around with the shadows and highlights but I would say it does 90% of the job. Works almost flawlessly for my indoor photos.

  12. kopano (verified owner)


  13. Michelle (verified owner)

    There is so much stuff that it will probably take a year before i use them all! tried out the actions and some preset and they look really nice! thanks for helping out too, your customer service is also top notch

  14. Ajas (verified owner)

    I couldn’t believe how much value I got for less than 40 bucks.

  15. Seadals (verified owner)

    This wedding presets make editing so much faster and easier! It has taken my photos to the next level! Love! Love!! Love!!!

  16. Mai (verified owner)

    I bought package and really like use it. Many to choose from. Sorry for my English – just learning.

  17. Inspired Mind (verified owner)

    So happy to have gotten these Presets – I’ve spent a lot of money with another website and have not been happy with the results – but the vows wedding presets gave me amazing results.

  18. Francisca (verified owner)

    Such a small investment but delivers tremendous benefits. I cannot begin to emphasize how much it has made work easier and faster for me. I just love the effect it gives and will recommend to all.

  19. Smith Oliver (verified owner)

    Yeah, creating beautiful wedding photos can be very challenging, especially when you just can’t influence anything in the environment. But with these presets I found, all these were no longer a problem. I could just sit and spend little time on pictures and when I’m done it’s looking all amazing!

  20. Isabella (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased about 4-5 collections and this is one of my favorites. I found that it works well with indoor shots as well as outdoors. Lots of great options to choose from.

  21. Billy James (verified owner)

    OBSESSED!!! I’m super new but these presets have made my photographs look like they were edited by a very seasoned professional! I can’t wait to take more just so I can edit them! Cannot recommend enough!!

  22. Alfie Chess (verified owner)

    Love the simplicity and how perfect my photos look!

  23. Brittany (verified owner)

    I love every preset in this collection! I have used almost ALL of the Wows Preset Collections, and none of them disappoint!

  24. Travor Harrison

    These Lightroom preset are just amazing. Can’t believe I can just drop it on top a photo, add magical elements and have a very nice picture at the end. I love the effects and it’s easy to use.

  25. Vanessa (verified owner)

    As a wedding photographer, on average, I would end up having around 300 – 700 images upon delivery (wedding size pending). These presets have been amazing for me as it has taken my average editing time of a couple weeks down to mere hours! This does even include the base editing for my creative images for the couple. With these presets I have been able to streamline my workflow into a machine like state that has allowed more time for me to learn, market and concentrate even more on my business. I have saved countless hours and made even more money because of these presets

  26. Evelyn (verified owner)

    We have a small studio in Germany, we have started using these preset and we love it. It’s a game changer for us.

  27. Precious

    I never thought Lightroom would be so fun, powerful, and easy to use! After trying to polish up on my Lightroom without any tangible success, I finally made the decision to buy the Vows lightroom presets. These presets have helped me get better with Lightroom every day. Very simple and easy to use. I’m glad I found it.

  28. Rebecca Sharks (verified owner)

    I used this preset for my brother’s wedding and I will say it’s amazing and I love it. It’s very easy to use and the outputs are awesome. Even the photos I took in low light looked bright and beautiful. I warmly recommend the preset!

  29. nysctales (verified owner)

    I had some pictures I took on a day with a bad weather but someone recommended this and showed me how to work with the exposure settings and honestly, I really love the photos when I was done working on it. You’ll hardly know it was taken under a poor lighting.

  30. Dammy (verified owner)

    I love wedding pictures to be set to soft, light, and dreamy tones. There’s a tool I use to set that but it doesn’t give me what I want but when I got this Vows Lightroom presets, I was wowed. It gave me a quality that match exactly the way it’s done by top wedding photographers and I love it!

  31. 17bacteria (verified owner)

    Having that perfect mood to tell a story is every photographer dream. This lightroom presets are simply amazing and I got that perfect setting I had always wanted for my pictures.

  32. Andreas Günter

    I love the David and Julia preset; it works flawlessly with my photography style. I mostly shoot outdoor for Pre-wedding photos. We have a nice beach here in Rügen, for all wedding photographers you guys should come here and check this place out at least once for your project. It’s very beautiful.

  33. Kerry Wood

    The new Lightroom update rocks. There were couple of shots taken from our phone (iPhone 6S) looking 10 times as stunning after applying the presets.

  34. Ashley Quinn

    I was asked to leave a review. Bought this a while ago and I must say I love the fact that we are still be able to download the new update without repurchasing The Vows. The newly added Lightroom Profiles are totally awesome!

  35. Jason Francis

    Fantastic collection of dreamy, bright, as well as matte presets in a single package. I highly recommend this to wedding photographers, but I believe this may also work well with newborn photos. Try overexposing your shots before applying these presets, or adjust your exposure in Lightroom, they’d give you that pretty unique dreamy kind of looks which I love.

  36. John Sadler

    Listen guys, there is really no need to edit your photos from scratch. I own a business and I use presets too. What I really love about these presets; they are very close to the ‘style’ most top wedding photographers would go for. Not just in the digital format, if you have them printed out in a photo book they look really lovely!

  37. Gottschalk Ivo

    I love it. Very simple and easy to use. Not a lot of extra adjustments to be done after applying the preset or none at all, I’ve tried in almost every situation possibly. Handles low light photos very well.

  38. Daryl

    Highly recommended! These presets are so beautiful.

  39. Hannah

    Hi I’m Hannah, wedding photography based in California. I Got a free review copy of ‘The Vows’ Presets. I love the colors; the details that just pops. There’s barely minor editing that you need to do depending on the exposure; usually I would just reduce the exposure whenever I overexpose my shots after applying these presets. Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

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