DNG Mobile Presets

Collection of Lumosmax presets optimised for mobile. With the DNG format, you can simply install our presets right on your mobile Lightroom app without having the need to sync over from the desktop.

DNG Presets for Mobile


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Lightroom Presets for Mobile (DNG Format)

DNG files are the best way to install Lightroom presets directly on your Lightroom CC app for mobile without having to sync over from the Desktop application. Here is the collection of our favourite DNG Presets for Lightroom that you can import right on your phone.

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DNG Presets for Lightroom Pack

Rose Gold

Rose gold is our golden hour preset optimised for mobile. It is very subtle in creating that beautiful golden colour effect that mimics the soft evening sun that we love.

New York Cotton Candy

Our cotton candy preset is perfect for night street photography. It’s a good way to showcase night life by bringing in extensive cotton candy like colour that enhances everything from the night sky to every inch of a lightbulb in every corner of a street.

New York CityNew York City with Cotton Candy Preset applied.

Interior Clarity

This preset was designed to lift up the clarity needed for interior design photography.

Home Interior.Home interior with preset applied.

Airy Picnic

This preset was inspired by our preset, The Vows. It gives you the popular light and airy feel to your photos. Perfect for outdoor medium to long shot photos.

Friends having a picnicPhoto of a friend having a picnic with preset applied.

Portrait B & W

Balancing Black and White portrait photos with the perfect amount of black, white, highlights and shadows.

Portrait of a woman with hair blowing through the windPortrait of a woman, hair blowing through the wind. Black and white preset.

Dreamy Bella

Inspired by one of our portrait presets, Dreamy Bella gives you the desirable dreamy effect on your portrait photo. Perfectly over-exposing the skin tone but at the same time keeping the saturation and clarity as much as it is purposefully intended.

Portrait of a young womanPortrait of a young woman after applying preset.

Drone Tone

This preset enhance aerial shots captured by Drones or from smartphone attached to an aerial device. It gives that desirable vibrancy, shadows and details which are often lacking in a raw footage taken by many drones.

An aerial shot of a road.An aerial shot of a road after applying preset.


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