Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

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Pack of 15 presets and profiles that emulate the Golden Hour effect. Create magnificent golden-tone photos as if they were shot during the sunrise or sunset. Adjustment settings with both high and low contrast. Additionally, comes with daylight and digital sunlight effect which imitates sunlight from the left, right or top position.

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What is the Golden Hour?

In photography, the golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. As a result, you get to shoot warmer, pleasing and dramatic photo. Our Golden Hour Lightroom presets emulate the look and feel of the golden hour.


Read this article by by our photographer, Federico, to learn more about the magic behind this beautiful natural phenomenon.

15 Modest Golden Hour Presets

This pack comes with 15 presets and profiles. Developed to deliver contrast, colorisation, and the inspiring essence of Golden Hour Photography. Imagine Your Photos set in Golden Hour. With just one click the lighting is on-point, the photo becomes more dramatic. With the additional Lightroom Profiles, you will be able to fine tune your photos without affecting the adjustment values.

Golden Hour perfects the Skin-Tone. (Why is it Magical?)

If you think about it, people have been liking their skin to be golden for centuries. Think about ‘tanning’ for example, why do people spend time suffering from the heat on the beach for hours just to get tanned? Warmer tones are generally look more flattering on people regardless of their skin colours.

Many photographers will agree that if there is certain lighting condition that rules above all, it is that soft, warm, dimensional light that adds spectacular quality to your photos. This type of light comes around twice every single day, and yes you have guessed it: The Golden Hour. These presets replicate the same effects of the Golden Hour with that soft golden light that we all love. You can also use the Glorious Hours presets to enhance photos that were taken during the Golden Hour.


What happen if you use this preset on an ‘actual photo’ taken during the Golden Hour?

It enhances the result. For example, you can use this preset that creates a digital sun on the top right corner. See the before and after photo below :



Here is another example using a beautiful photo taken by Rachele Totaro. We have two lambs facing each other in that soft gentle light. After applying the preset, notice how we can elevate the effect by making it more intense but also keeping the warm tones pleasing to the eyes.


Download the free golden hour preset

15 modest, exciting, pleasingly good presets are waiting for you on your next photography project. If you are not ready to buy, please give it a try by downloading the free preset; and if you like it, you can come back later to get all fifteen of them.


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  1. Gwen Garcia

    Used these for my Arizona trip. I guess it is pretty close to the Golden Hour effect, but if you can actually shoot during the Golden Hour and apply these presets on an actual golden hour photo, you can get some pretty nice effect. You may need to slightly decrease the contrast depending on your shot.

  2. Pedro Alonso

    Oh my god. This is probably the most underrated presets of all time! It is such a unique concept, obviously for photographers who love to shoot during Golden Hour this presets won’t really recreate the effect at least not perfectly. But if you’re shooting during or close to the Golden Hour period + applying effect would give you that boost of colours you wouldn’t expect. Highly recommended!

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