Improve Your Branding Skills: Travel

Branding is the most important aspects of building a wonderful project; but how serious are you about branding. Let me give an example, if you have an idea about starting up a printing company and in five minutes you would just name your company ABC Printing, or ‘Put your name here’ Printing; then you are not the type of person who is very serious about branding.

It is not just about making sales, but it is more of an essence. The ability to create an experience for your customers come from your own brand. The T-shirt with the badge that you are wearing defines who you are, what you do, and your sincerity to contribute to the industry that you are in.

I remember when I first called Anand Raj to set up a company way back in early 2016 (yes, it has been a very long time); we did not immediately discuss about the name of the company. We know that we had to think of a name; but we spent hours discussing about the concept. Without a concept you can’t get the right name. It was a very long process and it is not until July 2016 that our 3D Artist Ovi Rahman came out with the name Lumosmax at Starbucks Coffee House in Cyberjaya. What a contribution eh? Kudos to Ovi!

Now, let me share you with one of my biggest secret to improve your branding skills; you simply travel! Why? One word: Cultural Values. Local Brands derived from their base of origin. You would see some of the most interesting commercials and advertisement created by amazing one of a kind companies from all over the world when you travel. You could significantly improve your branding skill just by traveling to another country.

You don’t have to travel far, believe me you can find some of the cool commercials and interesting ads if you are based in Malaysia and travel to Indonesia or vice versa.

Here’s some of the cool ads or concepts that I have found while I travel all across the globe:


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