Potential Investors for Lumosmax

Hanif stresses Investors will love Lumosmax as the company is about to reveal their business plan for the next 18 months. “We won’t be doing things that have already been done. There’s no reason to start up another company; but there is a huge reason to start up one that is revolutionary” Hanif was quoted as he explains to Ilham Sahrom; one of the earliest investors currently working very closely with Forever Living Products; about Lumosmax’s next big moves.

Ovi Rahman, Komail, and Ahmed Akbar are out of the picture; the early co-founders of Lumosmax have left the projects to continue their journey working their respective fields at their home countries. In spite of that Hanif has boldly suggested these talented people will always get a “recognition” and a “big vouch” at Lumosmax. In the future, the door will always be opened for them to continue working on this beautiful project.

In addition, Anand Raj and Mano Subramaniam have been brought to the team. Anand will be working with services related with external clients like event coverage as well as directing corporate videos while Mano will be in charged with internal services like ‘Photography Studio’ project.

The business plan will be revealed on the third week of August. Potential investors include Telekom Malaysia and the Ministry of Finance (MOF); which respectively would become the two biggest contributors of Lumosmax project. The 18 Months business plan has been confirmed to not include United Kingdom and Bahrain plans; but will produce intangible goods and services that could serve to the consumers worldwide.


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