Lumosmax Logo (Early Concepts)

This design demonstrates what could have been Lumosmax's official logo. This draft concept was prepared by Ahmed Akbar.

At Lumosmax, we take design very seriously. So seriously that the Joker from Batman decided to turn into some kind of Punk in the new Suicide Squad movie.

We need something that is simple and iconic. This will take months and the key is to never settle. We will just have to keep designing and come up with concepts until we get it right. So far, we are heading towards the right direction. Here’s one of our initial logo design concepts prepared by our 3D Artist, Ahmed Akbar.


The design wasn’t finalised. Even though it was a good concept, the logo lacked certain principles that would have allowed it to be on various type of things. It would be very difficult to implement the logo on a piece of pencil or make it standout on a piece of paper and therefore the team decided not to continue to further explore the concept.


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