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What is a LUT and How do you use it?

Colour Grading using LUT

LUT stands for ‘Look Up Table’. It is a modifier which holds a set of numbers to change the colour of an image. They are usually generated within software or designed specifically to a camera. You may think of LUT as the Lightroom Presets but for video. Changing Colour (Colour Grading) You can easily change […]

Introducing Lumosmax Logo

Lumosmax Logo Mockup inside jeans

The Creative Director, Hanif, unveiled the all new icon for the company. The Lumosmax Logo was revealed for the first time ever during the quarterly earnings report meeting held in Shah Alam earlier today. As Hanif puts it “The logo features a mysterious hooded figure ‘Lumosmaxing’ the clients”. It is corporately casual and yet unapologetically aesthetic. The logo […]

Official Theme: Monsieur Special Branch

Room of Infinite Possibilities

We are proud to announce our official production’s theme song; Monsieur Special Branch. This beautiful musical piece was created by Hanif and composed by our good friend Gabriel Isaac. We needed something that is fresh; mysterious and epic. Monsieur Mind Reader is 30 seconds of epicness; it gave us goosebumps when we first heard the draft version of […]