How to take Better Portraits

Learn how to compose better photos when it comes to Portrait Photography.

Composing portrait photos can be tricky since we often limit our attention to the subject and that can usually leads to inadvertently neglecting the environment which can influence the look and feel of our portrait photo.

Here are some tips and tricks to take better portrait photos.

Keep Eyes in the Upper Third

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Unless if you purposely creating distraction for an experimental concept, you should always keep the eyes in the upper third. This is the most natural spacing for Portrait Photos.

Brighter Face (Use Exposure Compensation)

An important rule in portrait photography is the exposure. You can’t have your subject underexposed due to the exposure from the environment. On your camera, based on the value set by the auto exposure you can make your image brighter or darker by adjusting compensation dial.

Eliminate Background by Blurring Them Out

Pull your subject away from the background and shoot with shallow depth of field. Use Aperture Priority setting on your camera and set it to anything that is lower than F4.

Use Elements (Fire Sparks, Light Leaks etc.)

Elements such as light leaks can make your portrait more interesting. Things like fire sparks flying off from your subject, or light leaking through the hair which can also influence the ‘Shadows’ and the depth of a portrait photo. You can also use overlays but it is always recommended to have some practical effects.


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