2017 December Updates

December updates have brought some major changes to our project line up.

Lumosmax (Videos)

Merged – Lumosmax IO has now merged with Lumosmax XYZ. You don’t have to do anything, all customers data are transferred automatically and securely over our new secure server.

Secure Sockets Layer – If you look at your browser, our website Lumosmax.xyz runs HTTPS. What does it mean? It means your data is now protected by  the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Lumosmax (Studios)

Our studios in Malaysia are now called Anthem. They are designed for broadcast as well as Professional Studio Photography purposes. Our clients in Malaysia can now experience the sophisticated Green Screen rooms, as well as amazing sets of Black and White Backdrop Photography with lighting setups to help you create breath-taking artwork.

Website (For Clients)

Since all of our websites are now running HTTPS, we are no longer sharing our server with our web clients and thus will stop hosting websites. We have never charged Hosting Fees from our clients for the past 5 years. All clients will receive an email, and are advised to get a web hosting account of their own as soon as possible. Starting February 2018, all files (this includes HTML, PHP, EMAILS, CONFIGS and all types) will be deleted from our servers and no backups  from our end will be created to respect and keep their Personal and Business information private.


There are plenty of both major and minor design changes. You may notice that Radin Fadli’s blog for example looks very different. We are now allowing contributors or guest authors to post their own content. Of course, design is something that we do not take very lightly. Here’s some of the changes that you may have missed:

  • Our Typeface is now wider and rounder to fit the latest design change to our Logo.

  • All Elements across all domains are now responsive.
  • Glorious Hours has been updated to include Sun Flares.
  • Portrait Heinrich Video has been updated to reflect design changes.
  • All Social Media Accounts have been updated with new Graphics and Photos.

  • Added Shop Section for users on Facebook to browse products seamlessly
  • Redesigned All Terms and Policies Page for a better understanding of what Lumosmax offers and how we protect your data

These are some of the many changes that we have done over the past several months. As always any questions regarding with the usage of our website and our products are always welcomed!


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