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  • Final Result with Clouds Removed

    Make Photos Look like Film Using Lightroom

    Today we are going to learn about how to turn photos into looking like Film using Adobe Lightroom. (Yes, as in the old fashion film cameras). In this tutorial we will be using Lightroom for mobile. You can achieve the same thing using the Desktop’s version. Let’s get started! We will be using one of …

  • DUMBO - Manhattan Bridge

    Top Instagrammable Places in New York City 2019

    I can’t believe I have finally been in New York City! I’ve met so many amazing people during this trip, and I hope one day I can visit NYC again. Note : I’m a street photographer, so I’m not in a lot of these photos and they may not even have people in them. The …

  • User typing on keyboard, close up shot

    Lightroom CC Keyboard Shortcuts that are actually useful

    If you don’t know the shortcut for Copy and Paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V), then you do not know computers well enough. Computer Shortcuts make you a better user, hence, a better professional. Learning keyboard shortcut(s) in Lightroom CC will give you a strong edge on using the photo editing software. You will be able to …

  • A mockup of Luminar photo editor on Desktop and Laptop

    We Tested Luminar and We Love it

    Lightroom Alternative or a Companion. If you have been looking for a Lightroom Alternative, the answer is Luminar. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS. It can run as a standalone software, an extension to your Mac Photos Library and also as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. There are many editing tools that you …

  • RAW file format icon

    Download RAW Photos and Sharpen Your Editing Skills

    DSLRs that can shoot RAW images as well as the top of the line camera lenses are very expensive. These equipments cost tens of thousand of dollars. However if you are passionate about photography it’s hard to not be inspired to improve your photo editing skills which is equally as important as your practical photography …

  • Barcelona Trip 2017

    Barcelona is the cultural hub, the city of the legendary Gaudi, the capital city of Catalonia, a heaven to culinary, surrounded by the best beaches in Europe and undisputedly the home to the greatest football club in the world FC Barcelona. #TotsUnitsFemForca uniting the players and the supporters over the years; this year I’m lucky enough to …

  • Ize Seminyak Infinity Pool

    Bali Trip 2016

    First of all, let’s take a couple of seconds to appreciate the beautiful photo I’ve taken during my Bali trip. The photo has got to be at least Top 20 of the best photo I’ve ever taken in my entire career as an amateur photographer. You don’t have to share this post but please tell …

  • Karlovy Vary 2016

    At Lumosmax; for every project that we do; we love the idea of getting inspired by the places we go. I bring my Moleskine notebook along with my Macbook Pro everywhere I travel, and there are quite a ton of ideas that have inspired me from this recent trip. Every now and then, we draft ideas …

  • Improve Your Branding Skills: Travel

    Branding is the most important aspects of building a wonderful project; but how serious are you about branding. Let me give an example, if you have an idea about starting up a printing company and in five minutes you would just name your company ABC Printing, or ‘Put your name here’ Printing; then you are …

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