Barcelona is the cultural hub, the city of the legendary Gaudi, the capital city of Catalonia, a heaven to culinary, surrounded by the best beaches in Europe and undisputedly the home to the greatest football club in the world FC Barcelona. #TotsUnitsFemForca uniting the players and the supporters over the years; this year I’m lucky enough to be here for the Barcelona Trip in 2017.

First Impression

Unlike London, when you first arrive at the airport, it wasn’t too convenient. We had to walk couple of blocks to actually get out of the airport and take the train to our apartment in the Sagrada Familia.

Every step was worth it as we are greeted by this magnificent view:

What a view!

We spent four days in Barcelona, it’s hot. Literally 29°C. It feels good touring the city with the FC Barcelona jersey on. I guess this city really loves its’ football club.

Fun Fact : Blue and Red are also the corporate colors of Lumosmax. Yes; it was inspired by FC Barcelona, and Star Wars Red (Dark Side) + Blue (The Light Side).

I didn’t enjoy the food very much, however it’s not a very fair judgement since I didn’t get to try all of them. I had Paella which is a ‘must’ if you ever visit Spain. To be honest, I thought it was tasty, but not groundbreaking kind of tasty.

Will I Visit Barcelona again?

Absolutely. I think it’s a beautiful city, I would love to go there again to see a football match and definitely will spend more time at Barri Gòtic; it is such a unique place, I loved it!

Here are some of the photos that we took using Sony A7Sii with Sony Zeiss 55mm lens. We use Analog Ragnarok preset for these photos, you can get them right here.



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