Best Portrait Lens for Sony Full-Frame Cameras

It seems only yesterday, many photographers are not very happy with the selection of lenses offered by Sony. We fell in love with their mirrorless cameras but most of us had to use Canon lenses using Metabones or Sigma MC11 Canon to Sony adapters because of the lack of choices for Sony native lenses. Today, […]

Lightroom Presets for Wedding & Portrait Photographers

As we all know Lightroom presets can help save time during photo editing as a professional. When you first started maybe it’s not much of a big deal, but for top photographers who constantly getting tons of business in the industry you will find that time is so precious. Consequently, Lightroom presets are very popular among […]

Download RAW Photos and Sharpen Your Editing Skills

RAW file format icon

DSLRs that can shoot RAW images as well as the top of the line camera lenses are very expensive. These equipments cost tens of thousand of dollars. However if you are passionate about photography it’s hard to not be inspired to improve your photo editing skills which is equally as important as your practical photography […]

The Art of Being Inconspicuous

The term of shooting photographs in an “Inconspicuous” way has becoming pretty popular over the last couple of months. Inconspicuous is a fancy word but with a huge positive results when applied in photography. What Does ‘Inconspicous’ Mean? Inconspicuous in photography refers to the art of taking photos without attracting attention. It is a great […]