How to Pose for Pictures and Look Good

Happy Man Posing for Camera

This topic has been covered for numerous times.

In many ways, what is in front of the camera is just as important as the skillsets of the photographer. Having said that, if you want to get great photos taken for you, you got to ‘look good’.

1. Pose the Hair

You may not be able to control your hair and make them moves, but avoid making some mistakes that can cost your photos. Just remember one simple rule: Do not let your hair sit on your shoulder, it doesn’t look good. This goes for both women and men with long hair. Try these instead :

  • Hair Behind the Shoulders
  • Hair All in front of the shoulders
  • Hair on One Side
  • Hair Up

Simple Portrait Tip - Hair in front of shoulders

2. The Tongue Trick

Here’s a legendary trick often used by celebrities, press the tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling. Give it a try right now. It feels weird but it works. What it does is simply subtly stretches out your neck and jawline and help in avoiding double chin.

3. Pull the Chin Forward (Turtling)

Now this may sound confusing, what you have to do is very slightly bring your chin forward towards the camera or whichever way you are facing. It is quite similar to the tongue trick but it creates that very subtle depth from your face to your body. It may feel uncomfortable but the result is worth it.

4. Turn Your Shoulders

This will depend on the purpose of your portrait. If your subject is the CEO of a company or a football player, staring at the camera head-on would make them look bigger. However if you are shooting beauty or casual portrait, slightly turning your shoulders will allow your subject to have a slimmer and modest profile.

5. Move your body, Not your eyes (Avoid White Eyes)

This is an easy mistake many Photographers can make. When you ask your subject to not look directly at the camera, you have to make sure that they move their body or head instead of their eyes. Wherever your subject is looking at, remember the simple rule that their eyes should always be at the centre. Well, unless if your subject is The Undertaker.

The Undertaker - Giphy

6. Don’t Follow the Group. Break some rules.

Taking a group photo? Don’t do the same pose. When it comes to group photos, you can break some rules and loosen up. You could also have one person to lead the photo, and have the others to do similar poses to create balance and highlights your main subject.


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