Speeding Things Up With Adobe Lightroom Presets

Lightroom has become one of the main solutions for any photographer. Its workflow is intuitive, and follows the exact same logic as any RAW developing software. The way Lightroom has been built seems to be pretty similar to how things were made in the Darkroom, without the odors from the chemicals and other nostalgic goodies […]

Barcelona Trip 2017

Barcelona is the cultural hub, the city of the legendary Gaudi, the capital city of Catalonia, a heaven to culinary, surrounded by the best beaches in Europe and undisputedly the home to the greatest football club in the world FC Barcelona. #TotsUnitsFemForca uniting the players and the supporters over the years; this year I’m lucky enough to […]

Introducing Lumosmax Logo

Lumosmax Logo Mockup inside jeans

The Creative Director, Hanif, unveiled the all new icon for the company. The Lumosmax Logo was revealed for the first time ever during the quarterly earnings report meeting held in Shah Alam earlier today. As Hanif puts it “The logo features a mysterious hooded figure ‘Lumosmaxing’ the clients”. It is corporately casual and yet unapologetically aesthetic. The logo […]

Official Theme: Monsieur Special Branch

Room of Infinite Possibilities

We are proud to announce our official production’s theme song; Monsieur Special Branch. This beautiful musical piece was created by Hanif and composed by our good friend Gabriel Isaac. We needed something that is fresh; mysterious and epic. Monsieur Mind Reader is 30 seconds of epicness; it gave us goosebumps when we first heard the draft version of […]