7 Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone
Check out these 7 Best Photo Editing Apps on your iPhone equipped with filters, custom overlays, HDR and more.

The Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Most of the times we always like to use our ultimate devices to capture the best photos, but sometimes, especially during holiday you don’t want to carry those bulky devices around. That does not mean that you won’t be able to take great photos. Here are some of the best photo editing apps for your iPhone that will help you take your ‘phonetography’ to a new level.

Polarr - Photo Editing App for iOS

Polarr – Simple but Powerful

Polarr is a fantastic photo editor app that is easy to use. It includes all the features that you would expect from filters to custom overlays. However it does not come for free, unlocking the advanced features requires an in-app purchase.


VSCO – for Film Looks

Popular for turning photos into ‘film-like’ looks. One touch editing. Choose a preset and that’s it. The app is available for Free. Extra presets are optional to be purchased.

Note: If you are using Lightroom, you may want to check out our VSCO inspired presets.

Lens Distortion App

Lens Distortions – Add Light Leaks

Similar principles to using overlays. This app sole purpose is to create lens flare and some minimal light hits which gives your photo that retro, artistic looks. You can do things like blurring off the edges and typically adding flares with that natural, subtle imperfection.

Lightroom CC – for Adobe Lovers

No introduction is necessary. Lightroom CC from the makes of the best professional authoring software for designers all over the world. Lightroom CC is the perfect companion if you are already used to their Desktop Apps.

Enlight Photofox – Superimpose

Enlight make some of the best photo editing apps for smartphone. With Photofox you are able to easily superimpose photos using creative tools that are often available in desktop standard editing software.

Adobe Photoshop Fix iPhone App

Adobe Photoshop Fix – Make them Smile!

This is a fun one. Another app from the Adobe family, Photoshop Fix is not the full-fledge or feature heavy editing app. This app focuses on fixing simple things like minor tweaks or even making people smile. Photoshop Fix app detects faces through their advanced ‘Distort’ feature; so that you can easily change facial expression.

Mextures iPhone App

Mextures – Apply Textures

It is pretty much an app that contains overlays, textures, light leaks for you to easily compose your photos and experiment with different bunch of effects.


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