Lightroom CC Keyboard Shortcuts that are actually useful

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If you don’t know the shortcut for Copy and Paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V), then you do not know computers well enough. Computer Shortcuts make you a better user, hence, a better professional.

Learning keyboard shortcut(s) in Lightroom CC will give you a strong edge on using the photo editing software. You will be able to manage your photos quickly and more efficiently.

We can list all the Lightroom keyboard shortcuts available, but then you really don’t have to come here. You should just read Adobe’s documentation instead. Click here to see it all.

Let’s do this the smart way, we have compiled a list of shortcuts that you can actually use and will make you a better Lightroom user.

OS Tip : Windows and Mac share the same shortcut(s), but Windows OS use CTRL, and macOS uses Command. Why? We don’t know. You can try asking Bill Gates.

Lightroom Shortcuts for Managing Photos

What is doesWindowsmacOSMemorise
See photo side by sideCC‘C’ is for Compare. That’s good enough for me.
ZoomZZ‘Z’ is for Zoom
Flag (Pick) a PhotoPP‘P’ is for Pick
Unflag a PhotoUU‘U’ is for Unflag
Select All Flagged PhotoControl + Alt + ACommand + Alt + A‘A’ is for All.
Reject PhotoXX‘X’ / Cross that photo
Delete all RejectsControl + BackspaceCommand + DeleteIt is pretty self-explanatory.
Rate a PhotoNumber 1,2,3,4,5Number 1,2,3,4,5On a scale of 1 to 5. Just press the number
Color Label a Photo6 – Red
7 – Yellow
8 – Green
9 – Blue
6 – Red
7 – Yellow
8 – Green
9 – Blue
RYGB – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and remember number 1 – 5 are for rating.
Add a KeywordControl + KCommand + K‘K’ is for Keyword. Use keyword to easily mark and search for your photos.

Managing your Lightroom catalogue using shortcuts are easier than you think. You will be able to add keyword and label your photos faster than ever before. As a result, you will save a lot of time. Especially when you do a lot of event coverage which always ending up with hundreds of photos to choose from.

Real Life Example : If you have a photo of a bride drinking wine, press Command + K and add the keyword ‘wine’. You’ll be able to search for the photo easily. Without knowing the shortcut, you won’t even be thinking about using this feature.


Now that we have learned about managing photos in Lightroom, let’s get to editing. Shortcuts for photo editing are actually quite useful as well.

Lightroom Shortcuts for Photo Editing

What is does?WindowsmacOSMemorise
Edit in PhotoshopControl + ECommand + E‘E’ is for Edit. Sometimes you need big brother’s help.
Create a CopyControl + ‘Command + ‘‘ refers to quoting that particular photo and making a copy.
Sync SettingsControl + Shift + SCommand + Shift + S‘S’ and ‘Shift’ are for Syncing.
White Balance Eye Dropper ToolWW‘W’ is for White Balance
Adjustment BrushKKWe ‘K’an’t understand why K stands for Adjustment Brush
Adjust Brush Size[ – Smaller
] – Larger
[ – Smaller
] – Larger
Use the brackets to adjust the size
Adjust Brush FeatherShift + [
Shift + ]
Shift + [
Shift + ]
Similar to the above but add Shift
Export ImageControl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + ESimilar to the ‘edit in photoshop’ shortcut but add ‘Shift’ to Export.

That is it! These are all the shortcuts that you should know. You will become a Lightroom master in no time or at least feel like one.


If you care about improving your Lightroom fluency, be sure to memorise. We hope that these shortcuts will be able to help you working on your photography projects more efficiently.

If you have more Lightroom shortcuts that may be helpful for our community please share them down below in the comment section.


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