Brandon Bokeh Lightroom Presets

Night photography Lightroom Presets inspired by Brandon Woelfel. Create bewitching photos with the inspiring cotton candy colors; crushed blacks, blues, and pinks elevated with iconic bokeh. This pack includes two adjustable presets (Basic and Cotton Candy City), High resolution bokeh, sparks and smoke overlays.

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The Popular ‘Cotton Candy’ Lightroom Presets

A concept made famous by Brandon Woelfel that has gained the sensational photographer over 1.2 Million of instagram followers. Create stunning night photos with our Brandon Woelfel Lightroom preset.

How to Edit like Brandon Woelfel?

The secret is ‘crushed blacks‘, ‘blues‘ and ‘elevated pinks‘. There is nothing more iconic than the concept made famous by Brandon Woelfel. Recreate his editing style easily in under 30 seconds with our Brandon Woelfel Lightroom presets. All you need to do is apply the preset and as for the minor tweaks; you could play around with the ‘Exposure’, ‘Temperature’ and ‘Tint’ adjustments. Please see this article if you would like to learn more about Brandon Woelfel’s photography style.


Add ‘Bokeh’, ‘Sparks’ and ‘Magic’ with Overlays

Using Adobe Photoshop or any image manipulation app; you can add realistic bokeh, fire, sparks, and more. It’s very simple, just drag the overlay layer on top of your photo and set it to ‘screen’. We have included high-resolution overlays in Brandon Bokeh for you to have fun with. Learn more about Overlays


This photo was taken at the back alley street in Ginza, Tokyo. In this example, after applying the preset we bump up the tint to +70. This is a nice effect especially when you are using wide angle lens. It is perfect for landscape photography. Optionally, you may adjust the temperature to -10 or more but you may not be able to preserve the skin tone.

What can you do differently? A wise note.

Photographer’s signature is not just about colours or editing style. It is the combination of significant values, approach, composition, choices and the art of turning them into your very own signature. Our goal has always been to help photographers from all over the world to take their work to the next level. Having said that, there is no point to copy somebody else’s signature without courages efforts. We strongly encourage all of our users to explore, experiment and do things their own ways. Use this preset as an inspiration to reinvent this remarkable style into your own masterpiece.Who is Brandon Woelfel?Brandon Woelfel is the sensational photographer based in New York City famously known for his unique editing style. Follow him on Instagram for more inspiration.

Works on Mobile. Anywhere at Night.

With Lightroom CC you are able to sync your Desktop presets to your smartphone. Additionally we have included a handy DNG so you can install Brandon Bokeh directly on your phone.

Learn How Presets work on Mobile

Try for Free

If you are not ready to buy the preset, all we are asking is for you to share it with your friends. This free version includes the basic cotton candy preset but without the high resolution premium overlays.


Adobe Lightroom

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Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows


Fashion Photography, Fine-art Photography, Portrait Photography, Travel Photography

8 reviews for Brandon Bokeh Lightroom Presets

  1. Remy

    The overlays are fun to use! Worth the extra dollars.

  2. Evangeline

    The most underrated preset ever in the whole wide world. Easy to apply, you don’t really need to do anything else apart from changing the tint or temperature setting.

  3. Serge Halberg

    This has probably been one of my overused presets.

  4. Alex Tan

    I love the colour. I’ll be using this for my night photos, it’s perfect!!!

  5. Adam Sinclair

    The overlays are really cool, I wish there was more though, but the ones included are really high quality.

  6. Erica Schmidt

    I am so in love with this preset; a few tweaks and adjustments needed but fairly easy to achieve that perfect result.

  7. Sergio

    This is beyond amazing! All there is to it is changing the exposure and the temperature. Adding some bokeh overlays would help selling the effects even more.

  8. Erik Brian

    Easy to use. Shoot raw, underexpose, apply the preset and change the exposure setting. Works like charm. Highly recommended!

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