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Pop is a Lightroom Preset aimed to give maximum ‘colour pop’. Suitable for photography genres that require maximum colour contrast. There are three presets, ‘Pop’, ‘Pop a bit more’ and ‘Pop with Vignette’. Available in XMP format.

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Pop Lightroom Preset is designed to give maximum contrast and unlimited adaptability for many types of photography.

For example, it can be used for taking photo of children in a playground where in most cases there are a lot of colours reflecting from the equipments. Children Photography, one important factor is the colors. You want to shoot somewhere that is fun, engaging, and playful.

Another example would be when you are doing portrait photoshoot against coloured backdrops. These shots will just pop and bursting in colours.

Using this preset

To get the maximum effect your original photo must contain a lot of colours.


Adobe Lightroom

Operating System

Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows

File Format(s)



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  1. Jonathan

    Not the best preset on this site but I like it. I think it’s a simple preset that enhances colours very quickly. The result is a bit better compared to if you only adjust the vibrancy adjustments on Lightroom. So yeah, it does quite a bit more than changing the vibrancy.

  2. George Zimmer

    I love the preset. It’s really tweaked to ‘pop’ colours but still pertaining the natural factors. I just wish that there is more than one preset; multiple version of the same preset but with slightly different settings to accommodate different types of photos. (this is debatable of course, some say that you don’t need more than one version of the same preset but it’s just my opinion)

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